Mike Lucas - The founder, writer and actor of Mikron Theatre Company talks about the theatres history.

For the meeting on 3rd April we will be entertained by Alison Whitham who will talk about the history of Cuerden Hall and the families that lived there.

On 1st May, there will be the 12th Annual Historical Society Trip, details of which will be given at the November meeting.

Our final meeting of the season on Monday 5th June will feature Lynsey Barrow talking about “The story of the R O F Chorley”. the huge bomb and armament  factory built in the late 1930s on the edge of Leyland in readiness for the Second World War,                

In November we are having a special event as one of our members who attended our meetings since the age of nine and has now achieved his doctorate in history is coming back to his roots to talk about Leyland in the Tudor and Stuart’s era.  Dr James Mawdesley's talk is entitled " From Reformation to Civil War: Leyland 1530 - 1660" .

For her presentation this year in December, in a show entitled "Margaret Paston, A medieval life", Lizzie Jones will dramatize the letters of the Paston family.  The Paston Letters tell the remarkable story of one medieval family, giving a unique insight into their domestic life and relationships against the background of turbulent times, the Wars of the Roses.  

As the first detailed record of private family correspondence to survive in Britain, these letters offer a personal perspective on local as well as national history.  The Paston Letters were written between 1422 and 1509. Margaret Paston was responsible for 104 items of correspondence, and was therefore the most prolific writer in the family. Through her we learn a great deal about medieval Norwich, and the chaotic impact of the Wars of the Roses. 

For our first talk of 2017 on the Second Monday in January (9th) we will again be entertained by Chris Wild who will be discussing the latest work of the Oxford Archeology North team around our region. For those who have not read the book about the Angel Meadow project in Manchester (copies of which are still available from us) which was the subject of Chris's first talk please see the Youtube videos on the left here as Chris talks on the site.

For the February meeting Sid Calderbank will be performing "An Evening with Edwin Waugh", As Waugh was born on 29th January 1817, we will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth with a show made up of Edwin's songs, poems and stories.

Andrew Gill will be returning in March with "Optical Entertainments before the Movies"  Since the earliest times, artists, showmen and scientists have tried to capture real life (movement and perspective) through art and mechanical devices. The Victorians used the new science of optics to create perspective machines, persistence-of-vision devices, panoramic scenes, three-dimensional imagery and moving pictures in large scale theatrical extravaganzas and children’s toys.

Andrew has collected optical antiques for forty years and presented authentic Victorian ‘magic lantern’ slide shows, on a professional basis, for the last twenty. This talk will include dioramas; panoramas; zoetropes; stereoscopes; magic lanterns; phantasmagoria shows and much more ….. that led to the invention of cinema and the plethora of visual entertainments that we enjoy today.

Following the  talk - a light-touch, lavishly illustrated meander through the history of optical entertainments from cave art to the birth of the movies in 1895, there will be a 45 minute ‘hands-on’ demonstration of some of the devices.


Meetings held in the Shield Room, Banqueting Suite, Civic Centre, West Paddock at 7.30 pm 

All meetings marked * are free to members though visitors have to pay £10.00 rather than usual visitors entrance fee of £5.00.

The membership fee of £15.00 per year includes all 9 meetings and the Lailand Chronicle at a discount price of only £1.00, usual price £3.00.

Our Next Meetings

Here you will find a short preview and details of the next season's meetings to be held at Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland. 

We start our 49th Season in September with a pictorial journey around Leyland with the information and pictures collected by our late member, Peter Barrow. He studied the old buildings of Leyland and drew up plans of most of them which we aim to exhibit on the night.

This year’s Mikron Theatre production in October tells the story of the Canary Girls.

Sisters Rose and Lizzie work as maids, a world of deference, bed-making and poor pay. When war breaks, adventure-seeking Rose becomes a shell worker, persuading her procedure loving sister Lizzie, to follow her to a world offering more money, exciting work and union activity. It seems like a new start.

But as the sisters discover the dangers of shell work, they realise their dreams are pulling in opposite directions. As old and new worlds collide on the factory floor, each sister must ultimately decide, which takes more courage – following your dreams, or giving them up for the ones you love? Funny, heartfelt and tender. Mikron presents a tale of two sisters well and truly at war. 

For  a preview of the show watch the following two films that Mikron have made to preview their two shows this year. Also below on the left is the interview that Mike Lucas, the founder of Mikron gave to explain the Theatre Company's history.         

2016 – 2017 Meetings

This is a list of the meeting season from the first Monday in September 2016 through the next ten months up to the June meeting .

49th Season

 Monday 5th September 2016
“Leyland – The Peter Barrow Legacy”
Peter Houghton

 Monday 3rd October*
“The Canary Girls” – The Home Front in the First World War
Mikron Theatre Company

Monday 7th November
“From Reformation to Civil War: Leyland 1530 - 1660”
Dr James Mawdesley

Monday 5th December
“Margaret Paston – A Medieval Life”
Lizzie Jones

Monday 9th January 2017 (2nd Monday)
“Recent Excavations”
Chris Wild

Monday 6th February
“An Evening with Edwin Waugh”
Sid Calderbank

Monday 6th March
“Optical Entertainments before the Movies”
Andrew Gill

Monday 3rd April
“Who's lived in a house like this? - Cuerden Hall”  
Alison Whitham  

Monday 1st May 
12th Annual Historical Society Trip 

Monday 5th June
“The story of the R O F Chorley”
 Lynsey Barrow