Leyland Historical Society

Mike Lucas - The founder, writer and actor of Mikron Theatre Company talks about the theatres history.

53rd Season 

 Monday 3rd August
Zoom Meeting – Finding your Family

 Monday 7th September
Zoom Meeting – Stories of the factories

Monday 5th October
Zoom Meeting – Mikron’s Story

Monday 2nd November
Zoom Meeting – Aerial Photographs

Monday 7th December
Zoom Meeting - Maps


Monday 4th January
Zoom Meeting - The 2020 Archaeological Review
Dr Chris Wild

 Monday 1st February
Zoom Meeting - The Songs of the People 2
Mark Dowding

 Monday 1st March
Places Names in the Landscape in Medieval Lancashire
Dr Alan Crosby

 Monday 12th April
Three Centuries of Photography – a Personal View
Boyd Harris 

 Monday 3rd May** 
15th Annual Historical Society Trip to Kenilworth Castle & Leamington Spa

 Monday 7th June
The History of Alston Hall
Colin Dickinson 

 Monday 5th July*                                            
A March through time: Protest, Politics & Democracy
Dr Nick Barratt

53rd Season 

             When I said goodbye at the end of the March meeting we did not know what we had in store, so looking back at the last few months it has definitely been historic though not in a good way.

                Whilst we have managed to keep in touch with most of the members over the last few months via email, 148 out of 176, it is not the same as the meetings in the Civic Centre.

                Following a Zoom Committee meeting last Monday and after consultation with the Civic Centre over social distancing and risk assessments we have decided to continue with the Zoom meetings for the time being, the first one on the 7th July went well with 25 attendees. The next one is on Monday 3rd August at 7.30 pm, details and entry details are available by email – peter@leylandhistoricalsociety.co.uk.

                We aim to start face to face meetings again in December virus permitting and extend the season into July so you won’t be missing any meetings. When this all over we will be arranging one or two extra events to make up for the ones we have missed. The trip has also been rebooked for 3rd May 2021.

                With access to all the records, photos and facilities on my computer, I aim in the four zoom meetings to show by sharing my screen all the facilities that you as members have access to, the July meeting took attendees on a whistle stop tour around our website which currently stands at over 220 pages of information and which is presently being highlighted each Sunday on our Facebook group and Leyland Memories.  

                So on 3rd August I am inviting anyone who has ever wanted to find someone in their family tree to give me as much detail as you know and I will try to find out more live on screen, so long as they were born prior to 1939, just email me the details at the above address prior to Monday.

                Whilst I am still transcribing the stories just keep on coming and in the last month I have interviewed a further six people so at the Zoom meeting on 7th September I will give the members an update with recordings and photographs which are telling the stories of Leyland and its industries.

                For our meeting on 5th October we should have had a new Mikron show to enjoy but unfortunately this year they had to cancel their whole season so I will take the opportunity to show you some of the shows you have missed with a few stories from Mikron’s founding father Mike Lucas.

                For the Zoom meeting on 2nd November we will explore the Society’s collection of aerial photographs and see if there is anything you can spot you haven’t seen before.  



On 3rd May there will be the 15th Annual Historical Society Trip which this season will be going to Kenilworth Castle where Elizabeth I was courted by Lord Dudley in the morning. Then we will have a guided tour around Leamington Spa in the afternoon which has a surprising connection to Leyland.



Colin Dickinson will make a welcome return on 7th June and tell us the story of Alston Hall, a venue many of us have visited in the past when we used to hold the annual lectures there.




  For our extra meeting on 5th July we see the return of Dr. Nick Barratt who will talk about A March through Time: Protest, Politics and Democracy through the ages, I’m sure he will give us his usual thought provoking lecture.

                So in closing all I can say is be safe, keep in touch and hopefully we will all meet again in the not too distant future.

Peter Houghton

Update - 5th November 2020

​We were aiming to start face to face meetings again in December but the virus hasn't been permitting so we will continue to Zoom until March at least, the season will still extend into July so you won’t be missing any meetings.

The December meeting will be about Leyland Maps and should hopefully include an interactive quiz where you can ask and maybe answer some questions.

The meetings in January and February will go on as normal but on Zoom so in January 2021 Chris Wild will give us an update of his last year and some interesting even more local news for the future.

February will see Sid replaced by Mark his partner in singing as Sid is not a tech person but Mark is.

For March watch this space....On 


For March and April we have two old friends of the Society, first on 1st March we have Dr Alan Crosby who will give us Place Names in the Landscape in Medieval Lancashire, as we discover where those interesting names come from.


Boyd Harris will follow on the second Monday in April on 12th April talking and showing Three Centuries of Photography.  


Meetings held in the South Ribble Civic Centre, Shield Room, Banqueting Suite, West Paddock , Leyland PR25 1DH at 7.30 pm 

All meetings marked * are free to members though visitors have to pay £10.00 rather than usual visitors entrance fee of £5.00.

The membership fee of £15.00 per year includes all 9 meetings and the Lailand Chronicle at a discount price of only £1.00, usual price £3.00.

To join the Society click on the Application Form and either send it by post or email to peter@leylandhistoricalsociety.co.uk