Mike Lucas - The founder, writer and actor of Mikron Theatre Company talks about the theatres history.

In March at last I have been allowed to book a talk on canals, so Malcolm Tranter will be telling the members about Locks, Lifts & Inclines on the various canal systems both home and abroad.              

Dr. Keith Vernon, Principal Lecturer in History at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Central Lancashire will be giving the lecture on the 1st April on The Harris Institute at War, Education and Opportunity in Preston during World War One, a subject for which he has done a lot of research.

In November we see the return of Dr. Alan Crosby whose talk on Sex and Sin in 17th Century Lancashire sounds like it will be one not to miss. The stories being told in Alan’s unique style, I assume without the use of visual aids, but we will see.

 After his success last November we are having a swift return for Dr. Nick Barrett who this year in December will talk about tracing the history of your house. As he has written books on the subject and appeared on television in a series called “House Detectives” I’m sure we are again going to have an educating evening.

For our first talk of 2019 we will again be entertained by Chris Wild who will be discussing his latest work with the Archeology unit of the University of Salford which include Stephenson’s 1830 railway viaduct over the River Irwell and the Salford Twist Mill and Caernarvon Castle, to name a few diverse highlights.

The February meeting will see Sid Calderbank performing "Cotton”. Since last year he brought along a brass band, this year it could be a group of dancers to help illustrate the story of cotton through songs, poems and dance.

On 6th May, there will be the 14th Annual Historical Society Trip, details in November.

The last lecture this year will be a look at the comedic way of recording history with a few surprises on the way, you could call it, the Complete & Utter History of Britain.

Peter Houghton


Meetings held in the South Ribble Civic Centre, Shield Room, Banqueting Suite, West Paddock , Leyland PR25 1DH at 7.30 pm 

All meetings marked * are free to members though visitors have to pay £10.00 rather than usual visitors entrance fee of £5.00.

The membership fee of £15.00 per year includes all 9 meetings and the Lailand Chronicle at a discount price of only £1.00, usual price £3.00.

To join the Society click on the Application Form and either send it by post or email to peter@leylandhistoricalsociety.co.uk 

Our 51st Season Meetings

To start our 51st Season in September we welcome Dr. Bill Shannon who will tell the life story of Dr. Richard Kuerden, Leyland’s first historian whose writings can be found in the College of Arms as Thomas Woodcock confirmed at our meeting last April. Bill will tell Richard’s life story and his attempts to publish the first history of Lancashire.

This year’s Mikron Theatre production in October asks why it took so insufferably long for women to get the vote. Going back to London in 1918, Revolting Women tells the Suffrage story through the eyes of a less well-known Pankhurst, Sylvia, who fought for the vote alongside working women in the East End. Sylvia meets Lettie and together they push to Parliament, to bend the ear of the Cabinet. A story of absolute commitment or dangerous obsession?              

Full of political satire, song and more suffrage societies than you can shake a stick at, Revolting Women unravels a contentious and momentous movement in history! The show has been written by an old friend of the Society as Vashti used to perform with Mikron back in the 1990s.          

2018 – 2019 Meetings

This is a list of the meeting season from the first Monday in September 2018 through the next ten months up to the June meeting.

51st Season 

Monday 3th September
Leyland’s First Historian – Dr Richard Kuerden
Dr Bill Shannon

Monday 1st October*
Revolting Women – Fight for the Vote
Mikron Theatre Company

Monday 5th November
Sex and Sin in 17th Century Lancashire
Dr Alan Crosby

Monday 3rd December*
Tracing the History of your House
Dr Nick Barratt

Monday 7th January 2019
Archaeology - The Local Update
Chris Wild

Monday 4th February
Sid Calderbank

Monday 4th March
Locks, Lifts & Inclines
Malcolm Tranter

Monday 1st April
The Harris Institute at War – Education in Preston during WW1
Dr Keith Vernon 

Monday 6th May** 
14th Annual Historical Society Trip

Monday 3rd June
Comedic Drawings in a Historical Context
George Hindle