The Chairman has recently taken on the role of committee member and subsequently the Website Administrator for the Lancashire Local History Federation.

See the new site which while it has some features similar to our own website it will eventually feature a full Event Diary for the whole county with as many meetings of the 81 societies as I can find.


Recording the many workforces of the town.

William Waring 

I am afraid I have to announce the death of our President,  Bill Waring who passed away in July 2016. Bill was the go to person if you wanted to know about any person or building in Leyland.

A full appreciation is on our website on the committee page. The Society would like to offer our condolences to his sister Ann and all his family.


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Tuesday 12th July 2016. - Community Archives & Heritage Group Awards

This page will feature recent queries from members of the Society and visitors to the website. These may involve identifying buildings, people or both. If you can help contact the Chairman via the contact page. 

Held at the University College London, the Society's chairman, Peter Houghton,  is presented with the award for the Best Website of the Year by the Group Chairman, Sue Hampson and Dr Nick Barratt of the University of London.

The Judges commented " “Leyland stood out for the depth of their work and the (inter-operability) of their Facebook links with the (society’s) website. Overall, this site (offers reams of ideas for) other groups to learn from and follow, such as its (evocative) ‘Through the Lanes’ series, enabling site visitors to ‘walk’ a local route along with pictures of how places looked in times past"

For those who don't know Nick Barratt was one of the original people behind the TV series "Who Do You Think You Are", so what do you think the chances are that I asked if he would come and give the Leyland Historical Society a talk. I did and he said yes so see him in November 2017.

Hear the chairman being interviewed twice on Leyland Festival Radio

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