Leyland Historical Society

Recording the many workforces of the town.  

Did you or any of your family work at one of these factories, workshops or other industries in Leyland and Farington?

Whilst researching the book on “The Industrial Heritage of Leyland and Farington” it was surprising the number of factories and businesses that have been conducted within the area in the last hundred and fifty years.

From the smallest blacksmith to the multi-national, all types of business could be found in Leyland and Farington. At one time there were over eighteen thousand people working within Leyland itself.

So the Society is appealing to the people of Leyland and their families and friends to help us establish a database of Leyland and Farington workers, be it Leyland Motors, Leyland & Birmingham Rubber, BTR, Baxters, Leyland Paints, the four cotton mills, gold thread works, bleach works, or any other factories, workshops or other manufacturing premises in Leyland and Farington.

We will then record their memories for future generations making them available to the local museums, colleges and schools in the form of CD, video and publications.

The second edition of the book which is expanded and updated is now available from the Society or from Great Grandfathers for £9.95. However if you provide the Society with your memories you will receive a FREE copy of the new book.

Would you be prepared to let the Society record your memories as we intend to document the working life of the people of Leyland?

Please complete the form on the right and submit it to the Leyland Historical Society

or telephone - 01772 641604

or Email – peter@leylandhistorical society.co.uk