Query from Steve Leyland
Subject - Barnfold Cottage
Just found your excellent website and wondered if you had any information about Barnfold Cottage. My family lived there for most of the 1800's.

Anything you can tell me about it would be most appreciated

Reply from Steve -
Funnily enough on the 1901 census the family's address is Orchard Street. I'm assuming Barnfold Cottage no longer exists, I wonder whether they moved to Orchard Street or if Orchard Street was built after Barnfold and Barnfold Cottage became part of Orchard Street? (Hope that makes sense!)

PS. Do you know whether there are any Leyland's still living in the town. My ancestor left in the 1860's and the last of his family still in Leyland died in 1906. (His siblings who remained in Leyland died without issue.

Historical Society reply - Found the 1909 map (above) which shows Barnfold as a short street off Orchard Street

Barnfold (photo and notes shown below were both the work of Peter Barrow who recorded many now lost buildings of Leyland)

Owners in 1838 were the heirs of John Finch, the tenant was William Swann

The surviving buildings – Barns and attached outbuildings stood on the south side of Orchard Street and had been used as warehouses for many years until Feb / March 1990.

The gales of March 1990 apparently causing so much damage the remaining buildings had to be demolished as they were unsafe.


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Historical Society reply - Thanks for the comments
Do you know where Barnfold Cottage was?
I do have a record of Barnfold off Orchard Street on Chapel Brow in Leyland.