Golden Hill Terrace.

Lancashire Evening Post  - 17th January 1913  - Yorkshire Evening Post and others same day.

1920s Executive staff at Bowling Match  

Back Row Centre R Lunn (Dicky Bow), the inventor of the Lunn Safety Bar

A memorandum shows the transfer of part of the top right field from J E Baxter & Co to the L & B

A Conveyor Belt on the way to the railway goods yard stops on the weighbridge in Wheelton Lane.

4th August 1922 – Conveyance – JE Baxter & Co Limited to L & B of 1103 sq. yds and 389 sq. yds consisting of the last two cottages. Note that the office block including the board room were not yet built at this time. 

​1916 – 1930 Further expansions

15th May 1916 Conveyance from George Archibald Wallace Young to the L & B of 55,721 sq. yards for £2214 2s 2d, the strip of land from the Executors of JE Baxter being transferred on the same day.

1913 - Board Meeting minutes

30th January - Leyland - Discussed insurance.

19th February – Duke Street, London – Discussed new building and machinery with estimate from Riley of £7695.00 (Todays value £620,782.35)

16th April – Leyland – Fire Loss Settlement and Revaluation of Leyland Works, Rushton from Kenyon's to revalue the whole of the plant as early as possible.

27th April 1929

One of the earliest aerial photographs of Leyland showing the full extent of the works with the different departments shown.

To the left is Baxter’s.

Between the two are the row of houses built in 1905 for the junior management of Baxters. No excuse for being late.  

From the Deeds – 11th July 1919

Conveyance from the Executors of JE Baxter to JE Baxter & Co Limited of the whole factory site.

Leyland Historical Society

16th April - Wood Milne & Co – Formal letter of acknowledgement for placing their works at our disposal.

Once the remains of the old building had been cleared away, the rebuild started and as the date stone on the top of the building used to show it was completed in 1913.

A view left from Iddon Brothers as the work got under way.

Below the completed 1913 building before the extension was added to the west in 1917.

From the Deeds

28th February 1918 – Conveyance

Executors of JE Baxter to Janey Baxter, widow of JE Baxter, the freeholds of the Golden Hill Terrace.

7th August 1930 – Conveyance J E Baxter & Co Limited to L & B of 6 Acres.

1922 - Preston Guild

This row of houses adjacent to the Leyland and Birmingham Rubber Company offices were built in 1905 to house the manager class of the rubber works, making them very handy for work, no excuses for being late.
They had to be very careful when demolishing the L & B to safeguard the roof of the first house in the terrace

JE Baxter & Co Limited

17th January 1913 - Fire at T’owd Rubber


1923 Shipping & Machinery Exhibition London

7th November 1924 – Conveyance from Leyland Motors Limited to the L & B for road widening, possibly for the installation of the weighbridge on the L & B side of Wheelton Lane. 

1938 Ordnance Survey.

1930s - The plan of the factory

1922 Company staff outside office

15th May 1916 - Conveyance
55,721 sq. yds
894 sq. yds

28th February 1918 – Conveyance
Golden Hill Terrace

11th July 1919 – Conveyance
JE Baxter & Co Limited

4th August 1922 – Memorandum
20,604 sq. yds
1103 sq. yds

7th November 1924 –
Leyland Motors – Road Widening

7th August 1930 – Conveyance
6 Acres.

1928 Ordnance Survey