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14th September 2002 – Factory on way

14th September 2002 – Chimney Down.


From the 1970's to the end or is it?.

28th September 2002 – Factory gone

The End …. In Leyland but…. 

In 1961, Baxters was taken over by the L & B who then proceeded to transfer the  latex rubber work from their factory in Mitcham into the Baxters works creating what they called the Mitcham Department. This when combined with the Surgical Department of the L & B became Leyland Medical in the early 1970s until its closure in 1991.

The Leyland & Birmingham had a friendly merger with B.T.R. in 1969 but continued to trade as the Leyland & Birmingham and so all the rubber works in Leyland were once again under the same ownership after 62 years.