This factory was built around 1874 – 1875 as the Brookfield Rubber Company (Mark 2), part of James Quin & Co. According to the planning records James Quin applied to build an additional shed 144” x 46” on 2nd February 1878, which we think are the buildings in the foreground.The mystery that was Brookfield continued as a lease dated 18th June 1883 is in the charity records (the mortgagees) between James Quin and the Brookfield Rubber Co Limited which was incorporated in that year, company number 18386.

I also found on Ebay the following

Lancashire - This is a Company Agreement drawn up in 1883 between the company, ”Brookfield Rubber Company Ltd” and the first Managing Director Mr James Quin of Golden Hill House, Leyland in Lancaster. This is a really interesting document outlining the commitment that a Director had to give to a firm and the conditions that he was to fulfil.

Whether the firm traded within the framework of the main company or acted independently we do not know. I can find no advertisements for the company products or details of the company within the James Quin & Co books.

The one thing we can say with certainly it was noteworthy for all the wrong reasons.

June 1886                                                                                                                       13th September 1886

Brookfield Rubber Co Limited.

These are the only newspaper archives available for Brookfield Rubber Co Limited, while it was in existence.

                                                                                                          14th June 1884

  31st March 1885

The view from the back of the Brookfield Rubber Company building prior to the demolition of this and the Newsome Street houses to enable the B T R to be extended. 

December 1886

Leyland Historical Society

However on the closure of the company we have the Surrender of the lease on 11th August 1886 by Mr Charles L Nichols  (Official Liquidator of the Brookfield Rubber Co Limited) to the trustees of the Charity and these advertisements.

John Lord & Son - Springfield Wire Works

From the Charity’s account books

August 9th 1888 – John Lord (J Lord & Sons) Half year rent of £50.00

September 4th 1893 – W Dearden – Liquidator of John Lord & Son Limited.

Herbert Street in 1935 when the Brookfield Rubber Company and the houses in Newsome Street had been cleared for the BTR extension.