​The Society has recently been contacted by South Ribble Borough Council in respect of the Listed Buildings and Structures in South Ribble.

​"I wonder if you might be able to help us with a project. Rachel and I will be compiling Local Lists of heritage assets for each area in line with our Central Lancashire Core Strategy obligation – similar to the old Grade III listings – and hope to begin with Leyland.  Would your society like to suggest any building, structure or feature which you feel is of particular architectural or historic merit and which we might include on the local list. Although we are both very familiar with the area it would help to have an alternative viewpoint. 

Although local listing would not give any additional national protection, it would help us locally. Suggestions cannot be listed or within either of the conservation areas – they are already protected at a higher level, but any other suggestion is welcome. Following in house assessment of the final list we would then undertake a more formal period of public consultation and if necessary add to or delete as needs be".

​Debbie Roberts, Planning Officer, South Ribble Borough Council.

Leyland & Farington's Listed Buildings & Structures

Leyland Historical Society

​As the Society has a remit to review all planning applications in the Conservation areas and for any currently listed buildings we see it as our duty to assist in compiling a "Local List" with the help of our members and the general public.

​However, in order not to duplicate the already listed buildings and structures we thought that a survey of the current 54 buildings and structures already listed under the English Heritage Grade II and Grade II* system should be conducted and placed on view on the website.

Therefore click on the four buttons below to go to details of their buildings etc. The fifth button will in due course feature some of the suggestions we have received for the Local List.

​If you have a suggestion for an entry for the Local List, please email the chairman at peter@leylandhistoricalsociety.co.uk