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Seven Stars in Towngate

The Public Houses & Inns of Leyland.

At one point the Historical Society thought of publishing a little guide to the history of the many public houses and inns to be found around Leyland but as with most things something else came up and it got shelved.

But of course I kept all the notes, so when I received the following email from Adrian Smith back in July 2015, I thought it was time for action. OK, its now five months later (December 2015) and two more pubs have gone.

"I am the pubs officer for the Central Lancashire branch of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) - which covers the Leyland area. There have been a huge number of pub closures in the last 40 years since our branch was founded, and I am trying to go back to 1973 and build a comprehensive database complete with photographs wherever possible.

 Fortunately there are a couple of web blogs covering Preston and Chorley pubs, but I am struggling with the Leyland area. Do you know if any of your members has a particular interest in pubs?

 Also, very specifically, in your archive would you have a photograph of the Seven Stars pub on Towngate which closed in 1977?  I hope you can be of help and look forward to hearing from you."

I duly replied and these pages on the website are the result.

Click on the buttons on the maps to find out the history of the pubs

There are currently 25 pubs and inns listed within the boundaries of Leyland & Farington.

I have grouped them as follows

Around the old village

1. Eagle & Child

2. The Withy Arms (formerly the Roebuck and The Stag).

3. The Fox & Lion (formerly The Bay Horse and the Ring O'Bells)

4. Barristers (formerly George IV and The Grapes)

Around the Railway Station & Farington 

5. Queens Hotel

6. Railway Hotel (formerly the Railway Bridge Hotel)

7 The Rose of Farington (formerly the Rose & Crown)

Leyland Lane

8. Crofters Arms

9. Seven Stars

10. Old Original Seven Stars

11. Broadfield Arms

12. The Wheatsheaf

On the Moss 

13.  The Midge Hall (formerly The Railway)

New Additions (from the 1960's)

14.  The Gables Hotel

15. Old Leyland Gates (formerly The Dingman, The Hogs Head & The Cherry Tree)

16. Dunkirk Hall

17. Leyland Lion

18. Bobbin Mill

19. The Market Ale House

Those we have lost

20.  Rose Whittles Inn

21. Seven Stars (in Towngate)

22. Leyland Tiger

23. Waggon & Horses (formerly the Lord Stokes)

24. The Ship Inn

25. The Black Bull