When the “Through the Lanes of Leyland” sold out, I wondered what to do with the pictures and text. The book attempted to cover most parts of Leyland by taking two walks through the old country lanes of the village that now make up the main thoroughfares of the town. So the first walk is reproduced here with more pictures and updated text.

The town has continued to change with the demolition of Stokes Hall, contrasting with tasteful renovations of the old police station on Station Brow, the butchers shop on Fox Lane and the demolition of the Leyland & Birmingham Rubber Company.

This is by no means the final word on any building or site, additional information continues to be discovered and any new local knowledge is always well received.

The Inner Walk

This 2 ½ mile walk will take you around the old centre of Leyland, from the village cross along the lanes that have developed in the last hundred years from field paths and country lanes into the urban landscape we know today


Leyland Historical Society